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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why did you choose to translate and publish these ten books first, before the thousands of other texts you might otherwise have chosen?
Answer: Because they present all anyone really needs to understand the Path and become a buddha.

Question: When are books going to be available for purchase on Amazon, etc?
Answer: Now.

Question: When will one be able to obtain books from the Kalavinka Press Website?
This is no longer happening. The inevitable distractions paralyze important ongoing translation projects.

Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, other online retailers, and ordering via one's local bookstore are the only currently operative distribution modes. These are all served through the Ingram wholesale distribution channel.

Question: What's a "kalavinka," anyway?
Answer: It's said to be a particular species of Himalayan bird which sings marvelously, even while still in its shell. In Northern School Buddhism, it is a magical bird in Amitabha's pureland which sings forth sounds of Dharma.