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So What's New?


March  15, 2009:

No more hard-copy donation-premiums. Shipping-and-receiving clerk monasticism got old very quickly, primarily because the inevitable distraction involved in "order fulfillment" paralyzes the progress of important ongoing translation projects.

Feb.  25, 2009:

Books have arrived from printer, allowing mailing out of translator-signed donation premiums.

Feb. 17, 2009:

All ten books are now shown as "In Stock" on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, complete with their cover images and content descriptions. Hence we've now activated the Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com links on all the book pages.

The printer informs us: Kalavinka in-house stock for all ten titles shipped today (via UPS Ground, from Tennessee), so we should be able to start mailing (via USPS "Media Mail") "Translator-Signed Donation Premiums" by early next week.

Feb. 14, 2009:

All ten perfect-bound proofs are in hand and they all look great. Drop shipping is commencing for folks who've already arranged for this privately.

Oh, yes: Check out the 1500-odd pages of free Dharma reading on the "Dharma Jewels" page. These files are all in highly-formatted PDF format. To enhance self study, they are set up as digitally searchable and are "comment-enabled" so that one may use "Highlighter," "Sticky Notes," etc. (In order to use the commenting features, save a copy to your hard drive and then open in any relatively recent version of the free Adobe Reader.)

January 30, 2009:

All ten volumes of translations are (digitally) finished.

Website is back up, reachable as: Kalavinka.org or Kalavinkapress.org.

Library of Congress Control Numbers are in hand.

Printed books are due soon (mid or late February).

Translator-signed books are available as fund-raising loan-repayment "donation premiums."

PDF ebooks are available as fund-raising loan-repayment donation premiums.